Birkdale Health Store is located in the centre of the vibrant and historic Birkdale Village; and has been Southport's longest running local health store for 30 years!


Birkdale Health Store offers a range of supplements, herbal remedies, Vegan and Gluten-free foods, Allergy Testing done by a qualified practitioner, product recommendations, as well as expert nutritional and health care advice.

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Our Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Health Supplements --- Vegan, Dairy-free and Gluten-free foods ---- Superfoods --- Cruelty Free body care products ---- Eco-friendly detergents --- Allergy Testing --- Free health care and nutritional advice. 

Bright Kids Omega 3 Jellies

Special Offer!

New! Eskimo-3: Bright Kids Omega 3 Jellies RRP £13.95

Should be RRP £13.95

Now 2 FOR £20.00!
Item Price : £20.00
Shipping : £1.99

New Nordic: Hair Volume Tabs

Special Offer:

New Nordic: Hair Volume ‘Apple Extract’ Tablets

2 for the price of 1! £24.95

Item Price : £24.95
Shipping : £1.99

Viridian- Multi Vit 60s

Product Description:

Buy Viridian Multi Vit 60Caps and get 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit FREE

Only £14.30

Item Price : £14.30
Shipping : £1.99

Maxi Slim 150 Caps

Product Description:

Maxi Slim Day small size (28caps) FREE when you buy Maxi Slim Day 150 caps!

only £42.95!

Item Price : £42.95
Shipping : £1.99

A.Vogel Echinacea Drops

Product Description:
FREE Echinacea Lozenges when you buy 100ml Echinaforce Tincture

now only £17.20
Item Price : £17.20
Shipping : £1.99

FSC Vitamin E Cream

Product Description:

2 Vitamin E Cream 100g for £8.99

(RRP £5.59 each)

Item Price : £8.99
Shipping : £1.99

Australian Organics Body Lotion

Product Description:

Australian Organic

200ml Evening Primrose Body Lotion only £4.99

Item Price : £4.99
Shipping : £1.99

OptiBac Probiotic

Product Description:

Special Offer!

OptiBac ‘One Week Flat’ Probiotic

Should be £8.69 now £7.99!

Item Price : £7.99
Shipping : £1.99