Plastic free maistic cloths

Product Description:
Maistic Plastic Free All Purpose Cloth is a soft, non-scratch fibre cloth for household daily use. 100% viscose cloth, biobased on tree fibres. Scrubbing effect from fibres for all cleaning, inside and outside.

The plastic fibre versions of the traditional viscose cloths has many different names, but one thing in common: they contain up to 50% polyester fibres making them ocean microplastic polluters, as not all plastic fibres are caught in waste water facilities.

The Maistic Plastic Free All Purpose Cloths contain no traditional plastic and no bioplastic. They are made from 100% wood-based viscose – meaning no microplastic pollution. The All Purpose Cloths are also reusable. Wash them in the washing machine at up to 60°C. Tumble dryer not recommended – if used, the material will shrink. Packed in papercard.

Item Price : £2.79
Shipping : £1.99

Paper snack and sandwich bags

Product Description:
Plastic Free bags. This pack of 48 is made from FSC certified forests with 100% renewable energy. It’s unbleached and totally chlorine free. They are microwave safe, vegan friendly and good for greasy or oily foods.

Once done with it you can home compost or pop into your garden waste. The paper box is comes in is 100% recycled and unbleached cardboard with non-toxic glues and inks!
Item Price : £4.15
Shipping : £1.99

Alter/native by Suma Rose & Geranium

Product Description:
Richly moisturising and deeply nourishing for healthy shiny hair. Suitable for all hair types – Handmade 100% natural and made with essential oils – Suma cruelty-free body care range is created using the natural powers of plants that love your skin and respect our planet.
Item Price : £5.45
Shipping : £1.99

Friendly Shampoo Bar Lavender & Tea Tree

Product Description:
The castor oil in this nourishing shampoo bar produces a gorgeous lather that conditions and cares for your hair more deeply. Lavender and tea tree essential oils help it refresh as well as it cleanses, all packed into a conveniently small bar that lasts longer than you’d think.
Item Price : £2.65
Shipping : £1.99

Family pack Bamboo Toothbrushes

Product Description:
4 pack multicolour bamboo toothbrushes are an ideal replacement for your plastic toothbrush and help combat the issue of waste in the environment. Make your switch today and begin your plastic free journey.
Item Price : £12.99
Shipping : £1.99

Nature’s Aid Zinc + Vitamin C

Product Description:
Zinc has many beneficial roles in the body, including contributing to:
The maintenance of normal bones, hair, skin and nails
The normal metabolism of fatty acids, vitamin A & carbohydrates
Normal DNA synthesis
Normal protein synthesis
Normal cognitive function
Normal fertility and reproduction
Normal testosterone levels in the blood
Normal immune function
Normal acid base metabolism.
Zinc also plays a role in cell division.

Item Price : £4.05
Shipping : £1.99

Nature’s plus zinc 50mg

Product Description:
Zinc has traditionally been linked to cellular growth and repair, with impacts seen in vision, taste and smell, and supporting the immune system. This mineral element is also present in dozens of enzymes that are essential to digestion and metabolism. Manufactured with the Biotron process of amino acid chelation, which ensures maximum absorption and mineral usage throughout the body.
Item Price : £7.95
shipping : £1.99